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2015 - 2016 CONCERTS

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2015 - 2016 CONCERTS

Tuesday October 20, 2015 7:30 P.M.

Savannah Jack

How do you describe this band from Nashville, Tennessee?  

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Joe Guercio, Elvis Presley’s longtime music and orchestra director,
calls Savannah Jack “the absolute best band I’ve seen in music today.”

 Savannah Jack, comprised of Don Gatlin, Jay Darby, and Matt Schumacher, is the preferred opening act
for the legendary Kenny Rogers, having performed onstage with him in excess of 60 shows during
the past few years, to include a 21 city tour of
England, Scotland, and Ireland in the spring of 2009.


Thursday November 19, 2015  7:30 P.M.


A trio of talented writers/performers from Nashville that features two Grammy
nominated songwriters and a comedian who is also in the Country  Radio Broadcast
Hall of Fame.


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A "Hits & Grins" performance filled with hits that were penned for George Strait, Joe Nichols, Ray Stevens, Take Six, Cletus T. Judd,
Alabama and may others.

Don't miss this one of a kind "in the round" acoustical and very intimate musical  experience filled with great stories, harmony,
and laughter that will make you want to comeback for more!



 Tuesday February 16, 2016  7:30 P.M. 


From Classical to Rock, Blues and Bluegrass, Lindy Hop to Hip Hop, Fireworks ties together the diverse threads of America's musical heritage.

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 "Adveneturous and ahead of the curve... chamber music got a kick in the pants"
The Washington Post   

"Hell for leather arrangements... show-stopping solos"
-- The New York Times



 Sunday April 17, 2016  3:00P.M. 


Although you’ll never see Kevin’s mouth move, the real magic happens with the believability of his characters. You’ll fall in love with Matilda, laugh hysterically with Clyde and relate awkwardly with Harley. Throughout his show you’ll see and experience different variations of ventriloquism. From an audience participant becoming one of Kevin’s puppets to a magical drawing board coming to life, his show is a hit for every age. He has a unique ability to appeal to children, seniors and everyone in between.


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Kevin is mostly recognized from his 2006 appearance on NBC’s primetime show America’s Got Talent. More than 18 million viewers were amazed by his “Godzilla Theater” and Simon Cowell told Kevin, “America loves you.”


Sunday May 15,2016 3:00 P.M.

Established in January 2012, the Moondance Orchestra performs a mix of popular favorites. Their versatile vocals, razor sharp rhythm and powerful horn section allow the band to play a varied selection of arrangements from Michael Buble’ to Chicago and Blood Sweat and Tears. The band also performs many pop, dance and party favorites.  

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Comprised of accomplished musicians who have spent decades honing their craft, the Moondance Orchestra presents a show you won’t soon forget!